Valencia Luncheria

After just blogging about Joe … I decided to give up to my cravings for food and drinks today ..  Will get back to my old ways for the week from tomorrow .. I promise .. 😉

Today visited a restaurant which is near my place .. Valencia Luncheria, Norwalk, CT … I went alone since my better half is still in India … Had a seat outside .. it was a  wonderful day ..  I hope from the name you would have guessed it is a Latin American restaurant… Nice laid back music  in back ground .. Some nice crowd .. they were a bit surprised since I came alone on such a beautiful day …

After going through the menu ordered a Chicken Escabeche and then sipped 3 Corona’s to go with that .. Loved the food  … Only drawback is they close a bit early .. by 9pm and they don’t have any draft or tap beers .. but food and ambiance were great .. Do check out if you get a chance … A great place to spend the evening with your partner .. 🙂

This is my second visit to this place and I would totally recommend this place .. Especially if you love South American food ..

This is not a picture I took but just wanted everyone to get a feel for the place so adding here .. 😉

Valencia Luncheria




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