Naked Greens

On Saturday had been to a restaurant called Naked Greens … After a Friday night party ..mostly drinking .. 🙂 suddenly felt it is time to think healthy …so went here for some green juices and veggies 😉 to make my stomach feel better.

I have been here a couple of times and felt this place needs a mentioning … It is located in Norwalk and also in Wilton … I have been only to the one in Norwalk, CT downtown… The location of shop itself is good … After that you can take a walk around SONO river side also …


Red-Green Juice

Had a New England blend wrap and a Red-green juice .. it was nice … I had also tried the Beet Generation Salad and Green Juice here both were really good …

They have a very nice variety of veggie juices and some nice selection of salads and wraps … If you are looking for a light breakfast or lunch or quick snack and are into veggie juices, salads, sandwiches, etc, its a place to check out .. I had taken some snaps of the place do check out if you get a chance.

New England Blend Wrap




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