Mr Chan Hon Meng’s Street Stall

I read about Mr Chan when i was going through some articles in linked in and felt it was worth sharing about him.

He runs a street stall in Hong Kong and his Street stall is the first street stall to win  michelin star. Do read the following article about him – Mr Chan’s michelin star street stall


Naked Greens

On Saturday had been to a restaurant called Naked Greens … After a Friday night party ..mostly drinking .. 🙂 suddenly felt it is time to think healthy …so went here for some green juices and veggies 😉 to make my stomach feel better.

I have been here a couple of times and felt this place needs a mentioning … It is located in Norwalk and also in Wilton … I have been only to the one in Norwalk, CT downtown… The location of shop itself is good … After that you can take a walk around SONO river side also …


Red-Green Juice

Had a New England blend wrap and a Red-green juice .. it was nice … I had also tried the Beet Generation Salad and Green Juice here both were really good …

They have a very nice variety of veggie juices and some nice selection of salads and wraps … If you are looking for a light breakfast or lunch or quick snack and are into veggie juices, salads, sandwiches, etc, its a place to check out .. I had taken some snaps of the place do check out if you get a chance.

New England Blend Wrap



Valencia Luncheria

After just blogging about Joe … I decided to give up to my cravings for food and drinks today ..  Will get back to my old ways for the week from tomorrow .. I promise .. 😉

Today visited a restaurant which is near my place .. Valencia Luncheria, Norwalk, CT … I went alone since my better half is still in India … Had a seat outside .. it was a  wonderful day ..  I hope from the name you would have guessed it is a Latin American restaurant… Nice laid back music  in back ground .. Some nice crowd .. they were a bit surprised since I came alone on such a beautiful day …

After going through the menu ordered a Chicken Escabeche and then sipped 3 Corona’s to go with that .. Loved the food  … Only drawback is they close a bit early .. by 9pm and they don’t have any draft or tap beers .. but food and ambiance were great .. Do check out if you get a chance … A great place to spend the evening with your partner .. 🙂

This is my second visit to this place and I would totally recommend this place .. Especially if you love South American food ..

This is not a picture I took but just wanted everyone to get a feel for the place so adding here .. 😉

Valencia Luncheria



Reboot with Joe

Joe Cross – His story is really inspiring and he did not stop there, he took upon his life’s mission to inspire others. I saw his documentary ‘Fat,Sick and Nearly Dead‘ in Netflix,  he captures his journey of how he managed to change his life style and get back to healthy way by juicing for 60 days.

I have not completely followed his diet or juicing but in parts have done it and it has helped me to reduce my weight to some extend. Only partly .. 😉 … Still temptations override the will to reduce weight.

So anyone who feels it is time to change to healthy ways or needs inspiration to reduce weight he is a true inspiration. You can check out his video in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and also check out his web site and website reboot with Joe.

Comparing Floating Point Numbers, 2012 Edition

Facing problems with floating point comparison. This post gives you some insight.

Random ASCII

This post is a more carefully thought out and peer reviewed version of a floating-point comparison article I wrote many years ago. This one gives solid advice and some surprising observations about the tricky subject of comparing floating-point numbers.

We’ve finally reached the point in this series that I’ve been waiting for. In this post I am going to share the most crucial piece of floating-point math knowledge that I have. Here it is:

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Plane Tracker

Found this interesting website. Not sure of its authenticity but worth checking it out.

Plane finder – this link gives details on all the flights flying over the world. You can even search for the details of a particular flight. Looks nice. Hope these technology can be used in tracking missing flights in the future ..