Who is the father of smiley ???

We all use smiley’s a lot nowadays ever thought of thinking the person who is considered to be the father of smiley. Atleast officially smiley is believed to be created by Harvey Ross Ball. If any of you guys are interested to read more about him here is the wiki page on him – Harvey Ball



Me Myself

Hi All … This is my first experiment with blogging… so bear with me for my naive approaches to writing blogs since I am pretty new to blogging… Since there are so many wide variety of things I am interested in I thought I will just express myself here whenever I feel like killing some time …

So let this be a starting point for all of you to know me better and also at the same time I take this as an opportunity to express myself.

I have a variety of interests like travelling, technology stuff, movies, music, food, etc . So hope everyone will look forward to my posts .. 🙂